Medscape Education’s Redefined Strategy Delivers a True Public Health Impact

Educating clinicians on the latest government clinical guidance has been an important way for Federal agencies to ensure healthcare providers adopt evidence-based best practices. Medscape Education has been developing and delivering accredited education programs for CDC, NIH, FDA, and other HHS agencies for over ten years. Following significant investment in proprietary technologies and methodologies, Medscape Education has redefined its strategies for identifying, engaging, delivering, and measuring accredited educational activities.  The groundbreaking approach drives precision targeting, guaranteed reach, and a true public health impact.

Drawing on almost three decades of educating healthcare professionals, Medscape has accumulated a wealth of data. By combining our first-party data with third-party claims data and leveraging cutting-edge machine learning technology, we are not just reporting metrics but delivering data-driven narratives on the changes that resonate with all stakeholders. These changes are driven by the Medscape Precision User Learning and Segmentation engine, PULSE, which integrates claims data, AMA data, and 30 years of Medscape data, reaching the target audience best positioned to have the greatest impact on patient outcomes.

While the PUSLE engine is new, Medscape has delivered precision targeting and impactful change for agencies like the FDA. In 2016, the FDA asked Medscape if they could develop a program to educate clinicians about fluoroquinolones, a class of antibiotics that can have serious side effects.  Using claims data, we targeted high prescribers of fluoroquinolones, directing them to educational material about side effects. 

Using a controlled/exposed methodology, short-form messaging, CME, and baseline and post-campaign claims data, we were able to measure the true impact of the campaign, which resulted in a 21.7% reduction in fluoroquinolone prescribing.  What made the difference in this campaign?   Precise messaging and education directed to those prescribers most likely to change their behaviors.  

With a reach exceeding 95% of the US-based NPI universe, Medscape has amassed a wealth of data on HCP behavior.  By integrating this knowledge with claims data, expertise in outcome measurements, predictive analytics, and substantial investments in technologies, Medscape improved patient outcomes and a measurable public health impact.

To learn more about ways to leverage Medscape’s Next-Generation Return on Education Guarantees in your public health educational efforts, contact:

Steve Murphy, Director Public Health, [email protected]
Lindsey Gardner Associate Director Public Health, [email protected]





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