Society Statements of Support

A Statement from the Society for Health Communication on the Importance of Evidence-Based Public Health Understanding and Action (August, 2020)

As health communication professionals and scholars, we are dedicated to providing clear, accurate, and actionable health information to all. We do this by connecting industries – public health groups, government, academia, the private sector, and others – and ensuring that health information is timely, accurate, and clearly communicated. Read the full statement.


A Statement from the Society for Health Communication on Anti-Black Racism in America (June, 2020)

The broad mandate of health communication is to engage, empower, serve, and improve health for all — but particularly those in greatest need. As an organization, we seek to harness the immense power of language to fulfill this purpose. Too often, we use terms such as “hard to reach” or “marginalized” when talking about Black communities. This language masks the reality that Black people are dying from violence, neglect, stress, racism, and general health threats that are the legacy of slavery. It also masks the white supremacy in this country and how resulting state-sanctioned violence, inflicted on black and brown bodies by white people in power, has gone unchecked for centuries...

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Impact Statement (February, 2017)

At the Society, we are committed to using evidence-based communication strategies to inform, empower, and motivate individuals and communities to lead healthier lives. Read our full impact statement