Organizational Members

Like you, we care deeply about health communication and, simply put, we believe we can achieve more through collaboration than competition. By bringing together health communication professionals and scholars from various settings and sectors we aim to create new opportunities to strengthen and grow the field.

We are working to build a collective, unified voice for health communication – and we want your company, agency, or organizational unit to be a part of our choir.  We welcome organizational members of all sizes and from various industries. Here are some ways that an organizational membership in the new Society for Health Communication can benefit you:

Connect with the Field

As the healthcare and public health fields become more fragmented and competitive, the Society for Health Communication provides an opportunity to bring together professionals from all levels and sectors of government, nonprofits, industry (including health care, public health, communication, and technology), and academia. We are a member-driven organization with a key focus on networking opportunities that connect diverse individual and organizational members who want to meet others in our field, get connected with today’s thought leaders, and help shape the future of health communications.

Recruit New Talent

With students, early-career professionals, and seasoned experts as members, the Society for Health Communication provides the opportunity to connect with a wide variety of professionals. We are a new kind of professional organization that heavily leverages digital and social media to deeply engage all of our members and connect them with one another. Through your participation, you can help identify talent and dramatically expand your network of health communication professionals.

Showcase Your Expertise

As the Society for Health Communication grows, we will be looking to our organizational members to participate in shaping our various networks of practice, which may include areas such as digital health, health literacy, program evaluation, or many other areas. These member-led focus areas are an opportunity to demonstrate your subject matter expertise, showcase your in-house talent, and connect with potential new partners. In addition, organizational members will have the ability to promote selected events and activities through the Society mailing list and through Society publications and promotions.

Join Today!

Once your organization is a member, you'll have access to inside information about the field and the opportunity to network with their peers. Members can log in to our website to find:

  • Member announcements
  • Discounts on upcoming conferences and events
  • Updates on recent health communication research
  • A calendar of in-person and virtual health communication events across the country
  • A networking directory of all Society members
  • Details on ongoing and planned Society activities

Organizational memberships are offered on a tiered basis and initial pricing is based on the industry type and size measured by number of full time equivalent (FTE) employees. An organizational membership includes enrollment of the organization and includes several individual memberships for identified employees. All memberships are annual and valid for one year from payment date.

Type of Organization

Size of Organization

Membership Fee

Number of Individual Memberships Included

Academic and Governmental Organizations

All sizes



Non-Profit Organizations

Less than 100 FTEs



Non-Profit Organizations

100 FTEs or more



For-Profit Organizations

Less than 200 FTEs



For-Profit Organizations

200 FTEs or more





Please note: if you are a current member, you must be logged out to access the membership form.

For additional information about Organizational Memberships, contact Erin Norvell at [email protected]