We’re Seeking New Steering Committee Members

The Society for Health Communication is recruiting for new Steering Committee members for the upcoming 2024–2025 term. Our goal is to continue to diversify the makeup of both our Steering Committee and the pipeline to our elected leadership roles. Steering Committee members serve as advisors to help advance the mission of the Society and to shape the future of health communication. 

The Steering Committee is actively involved in Society operations and is charged with leading high-priority initiatives and programs such as our Annual Summit. Members serve two-year (January-December) terms. The nomination form contains detailed information on Steering Committee member responsibilities, qualifications, and benefits.

Application Instructions 

Please provide detailed answers to support your nomination, which will be evaluated by current Society leadership as part of the annual review process. Self-nominations are accepted. A current CV, resume and/or LinkedIn profile must accompany the completed application. Please submit any questions to [email protected].

Applications will be accepted through October 31 with decisions and related communications completed by December 15. 

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The Society for Health Communication is a community of 4,400+ professionals working together to build a collective, unified voice for health communication. We’re fostering trust in science, advocating for the field, and advancing health equity by exchanging ideas and best practices, fostering learning and development, and building meaningful, cross-sector connections. The Society isn’t just an organization, we’re a movement. 

Now, more than ever, the work we do as health communicators is essential to the health and prosperity of our communities. Thank you for your investment in the Society for Health Communication. Together, we can make a difference.

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At the Society, we’re bridging silos to unite professionals in public health, health care, academia, hospital communications, and telemedicine to share resources, exchange best practices, and advance the evidence base of the field.

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As health communication professionals, it’s our responsibility to step up in times of need to provide clear, accurate, and actionable information. Without a strong community, the field of health communication risks becoming disconnected and diluted, resulting in duplicative work, slower progress, and a disparate workforce.

The Society is a community of health communication professionals coming together in appreciation of science, reliance on evidence, dependence on clarity, and anticipation of equity. Through our work we are exchanging best practices, building meaningful connections, and advancing the field. The Society isn't just an organization; it's a movement.

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