Partner with the Society

At the Society, we believe that strategic collaboration is key to advancing our mission. By bringing together complementary skill sets and diverse resources, we can have a greater impact on the field of health communication. We are actively seeking opportunities to build meaningful partnerships with like-minded organizations that share our values. We consider partnerships with organizations across all sectors around topics or activities that leverage communications for health and social change. 

Partnering with the Society offers:

  • Access to a robust network of professional subject matter experts across sectors and disciplines
  • Ability to impact public health policy and effect change in the field of health communication
  • Thought leadership opportunities on topics of interest
  • Connections to a new and competitive talent pool

All potential partners must commit to, uphold, and abide by the Society’s core values:

  • Evidence-informed communication approaches
  • A culture of inclusiveness across sector and disciplines
  • Collaborative, meaningful, and supportive partnerships
  • A unified field, speaking with a representative and collective voice
  • A strong network of supportive peers
  • A grassroots approach to innovation where ideas and advancements are born from colleagues sharing and building on one another's successes
  • Digital technologies that connect individuals to one another

If you’re interested in partnering with the Society, please contact us at [email protected].