Our Activities

We’re passionate about health communication and changing the way our field works together. We believe that bringing together health communication professionals from all levels of government, nonprofits, industry, and academia will help strengthen our field.


Redefining Health Communication

We're redefining the field of health communication. In 2017, our members worked together to develop the Society's official descriptions of health communication:

  • Health communication is the science and art of using communication to advance the health and well-being of people and populations. (abbreviated version)
  • Health communication is a multidisciplinary field of study and practice that applies communication evidence, strategy, theory, and creativity to promote behaviors, policies, and practices that advance the health and well-being of people and populations. 

We use this language to explain and advocate for the continued strength of the field of health communication.


Areas of Focus 

As we grow, our activities will be focused on the following three areas:

 Education and advocacy

  • Raising awareness and support for our field
  • Ensuring that health communication plays an equal role in public health policy
  • Strengthening the work around critical health topics and priority focus areas

 Best practices and information exchange

  • Finding out what works when it comes to behavior change and sharing what we know
  • Finding peer support and networking with others in our field
  • Connecting early career and advanced professionals to build mentorships

 Quality assurance and training

  • Identifying a core set of competencies for people who work in health communication
  • Connecting you with training and professional development opportunities with partner organizations



Commitment to Digital Technologies

In today’s technology-focused culture, we know that digital media will play a large role in how the Society functions. That’s why we’re committed to using digital tools to connect our members in communication, health care, public health, and communication technologies. Society members can log in to our website for:

  • Member announcements
  • Discounts on upcoming conferences and events
  • Updates on recent health communication research
  • A calendar of in-person and virtual health communication events across the country
  • A networking directory of all Society members
  • Details on ongoing and planned Society activities

If you're not currently a member, follow us on Twitter or sign-up for email updates for more details on Society activities.